Professional Services

Litigation Consulting/Expert Witness

We provide expert support in most matters of Security litigation. Case review, expert testimony, and consultation on security standards and best practices are all part of what we offer to your legal team.  We provide consultation in all areas of security negligence and premises liability; with special expertise in healthcare security and victims of violent crimes. We utilize an accepted methodology for Security Expert Witnesses in order to provide an objective and thorough analysis of every case. Some of the venues we have worked with include: hospitals, hotels, bars, apartment complexes, retail outlets and public spaces.

Workplace Violence/Active Shooter

Take action to prevent your organization from becoming part of the alarming statistics. From workplace violence/active shooter threat assessments, to employee education, our Certified Workplace Violence Prevention Specialist can bring customized, effective programs to your organization. Our in-house designed Workplace Violence prevention program: Keeping Everyone Safe & Secure, teaches your staff practical measures  to effectively de-escalate potentially violent encounters. For more information:

Security Consulting

Our full service consultancy includes risk assessments, security surveys, management plan development, and guard force planning for your organization. Security Assessments are conducted by a Board-Certified Security Consultant and will be based on industry standards and guidelines as recommend by ASIS International; the world’s largest association for security management and will be conducted in a method recommended by the International Association of Professional Security Consultants, the most widely respected and recognized security consultant association in the industry. We can provide a high level of risk reduction for your organization.  

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