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Expert Independent Security Consulting

Our Consulting Areas

Litigation Consulting

Case review, expert witness testimony, and consultation in all areas and venues of security litigation matters.

Workplace Violence/Active Shooter

Prevent your organization from becoming part of the alarming statistics through effective prevention programs.

Security Consulting

Risk assessments, security plans, guard force planning and program management conducted by highly trained security professionals.

Independent & Certified


Independence means integrity. Our consultation, advice, and expertise is based on best practices and professional industry guidlines. We do not endorse or recommend any security product or outside technology vendor. We may enlist the expertise of other consultants; however, we always ensure they prescribe to the same set of industry guidelines.


With any industry professional, you expect a security consultant to possess advanced education, industry specific training, and a signficant level of real world experience; Board Certification in both Security Management (CPP) and Security Consulting (CSC), validates these qualifications and enhances the value of our service to your organization. 

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